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Dumping Corporate Garbage: Christy O’Hara Books 1, 2, 3 (Disaster Recovery Blink of an Eagle’s Eye Dancing with a Dragon) Paperback


by Dr. Marvin C. McMaster

“What do you do if you are a teenage genius who has just been raped by your step-father, who has stolen a million dollars from your mother’s business?” You get revenge! If you are Christy O’ Hara, you trap yourself a husband, a genius college student, bring charges against your rapist, use your investigative business to prove his theft, and recover the money. When he strikes back you permanently eliminate the source.

You start a family, move your business to Ireland, and start cleaning out cockroaches and rats infecting other banks and business. You write music, put together a singing group with an Irish band, and record an album. Investigations by your company lead to assassination and kidnapping attempts against the family.

Following links from their investigations leads them to the Dragon behind the attempts on Christy’s life. While continuing to build an international music career they close in on the third generational criminal behind their problems. In a confrontation in an Austrian castle they eliminate the villain behind their problems and rescue and adopt his children.”

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Dimensions 6 x 0.9 x 9 in



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Published Date:

January 18, 2018




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